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Center for the Organization of Daily Routine

Which will be the path of a teenager or young adult with mental problems after leaving the specialized school to integrate into the society? People with mental problems as a whole don't have specially designed and created environment for their life in our society, which would enable them to communicate freely with members of society. As considered to be the most vulnerable layer of our society, the children and young adults with mental problems, while having no opportunity to communicate and no environment to go, stay at home, and as a result, their inferiority complex is becoming more and more sophisticated, or they appear in the streets as beggars or tramps. Very often, the peers of the children and young adults with different mental defects provoke the latter to do different anti-communal deeds, while taking advantage of their diminished responsibility. Very often, families, having such children, as a result of their social conditions, take their children to the orphanages, to be able to find work.

In today's civilized world, having mental problems is not considered an obstacle to become full right member of the society, moreover, in some countries, people with mental problems, with the assistance of state authorities, even have jobs.

In accordance with the moral norms of the civilized world, "Prkutyun" NGO is the only structure, which was brave enough to deal with the issues of mentally sick children and youth in our country, and tried to show the world that Armenia, as a developing country, takes steps in the direction of the integration of people with the mental problems as much as possible.

"Prkutyun" NGO, being aware of the problems, prioritized the operational project for the assistance of teenagers and young people with mental problems, by creating in 1999 the center for day care and daily routine organization. The main purpose of the center is to assist the children and youth in the organization of daily routine and the improvement of mental abilities as well as formation of independency. 50-52 teenagers and youth with mental problems attend day care center, from different communities of Yerevan. While being at the center from 10:30 till 17:30, they get onetime full dinner, which was made possible with the help of Armenian representation office of German Red Cross and other benefactors.

Different hobby groups function in the Center:
  • Elementary training, where literacy and elementary arithmetic are being taught, because it was not a regularity that the beneficiary, who attended this specialized school or had already left it, was literate,
  • Different kinds of needlework,
  • Makrame and applique' work,
  • Drawing and rice craftsmanship,
  • Pottery,
  • Aesthetic design,
  • Computer literacy,
  • Physical training.
  • Theatrical group(puppet theatre)

The above-mentioned hobby groups assist the beneficiaries to acquire some specialized abilities and skills in the sphere of their mental abilities, which enables them to have "partial" financial independence. Besides, the parent is assured that his child with mental problems is not a concern for the family, but can contribute its own mite to its family. In the hobby groups, children themselves decide to prepare works of art and choose the colors, which enables them to develop their hand motility, aesthetic finesse and imagination, which is reflected in their works. Children offer new sketches to create new works of art. As a result of periodically organized exhibitions, with the help of donations, beneficiaries get some sort of payment for their work done, which eliminates the stereotype about the inadequacy of teenagers and youth with mental problems in the eyes of society and family.

By the way, children with physical disablement as well as healthy children attend the functioning hobby groups which make it more possible for the beneficiaries with mental problems to integrate with their peers.

The beneficiaries organize their leisure in the functioning playing room of the center, where they watch movies, and grow different flowers and plants in the adjacent garden.

A variety of specialized services are being provided in the center for the beneficiaries:
  • Psychological, which assists to eliminate psychological and individual inferiority complexes of the beneficiaries as well as to form a socio-communal individual.
  • Deficiency study, which assists with the improvement of speech, attention, memory and imagination of the beneficiaries.
  • Social, which assists at discovering social issues of the beneficiaries and their possible solutions.
  • Ergo therapy, which assists in the mode of living and acquisition of maximum independence in daily activities of the beneficiaries.
  • Legal consulting, which is aimed at possible solution of legal problems coming from the families of the beneficiaries. Periodically, meetings with families are organized by the experts, who assist with the enforcement of the bond center-beneficiary-family, by discovering and solving the problems of the beneficiaries in the best possible way.
  • The experts of the NGO periodically conduct specialized seminars, where members of the family of beneficiaries, parents of healthy children, senior pupils, university students as well as citizens of different specialties, take part.

hatuk mankavarzh

What is the role of the center for day care and daily routine organization for the beneficiaries with mental problems?
  • Possibility to live in the family, as a result of which the barriers existing in the relation of brother or sister towards the child with mental problems is eliminated,
  • Independence, which makes them comparatively communicative, and they learn ethical and elementary everyday norms,
  • Possibility to communicate freely both with their peers and with healthy people,
  • Possibility of reinforcement of elementary knowledge and teaching of some specialties,
  • Possibility to organize daily routine and help children to be busy with work,
  • By getting rid of some peculiar inferiority complexes, it becomes easier for the beneficiaries with mental problems to communicate in the surrounding environment,
  • Through the hobby groups, they freely communicate both with healthy children and youth, and with people physically handicapped,
  • The unloading of orphanages, because now many beneficiaries with mental problems live in orphanages, but after attending the day care centers, will live with their families,
  • AHRTS assistance, which means that if the parent finds an environment where he/she can leave the child with mental problems, where he is not considered a stranger, so that the parent can work and get out of the welfare recipient families list, by improving the social conditions to some extent,
  • Eventually, attending environment specially designed for them, but living in their own families, the beneficiary with mental problems can decide, how long he would attend day care center.

    The center, which collaborates with secondary schools and special schools for disabled children, up to now, led 7 beneficiaries to the school, with the previous preparation of the latter for the school studies.

    Computer class operates in the center, where Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook programs are being taught both to healthy beneficiaries and to those physically handicapped.

    Day care center's beneficiaries also participate in computer studies, who in the scope of their mental abilities, learn to use computers as well as play games, which improve their mental abilities.

    Festive celebrations and arrangements, excursions, birthday parties are being periodically organized for day care center beneficiaries, as well as they participate in different competitions and exhibitions, and are being awarded by different diplomas.

    2009 - present "Prkutyun" NGO, center for disabled children and youth, has organizes for the beneficiaries with mental problems summer west in Aparan and in Stepanavan camps.

    Our children also know norms of hospitality.

    "Prkutun" NGO daytime care centre in the case of its efficient acting become a base for students to put into practice from State Yerevan University The Department of Sociology and Armenian State Pedagogical University The Department of Pre-school, Elementary and Special Education.

    Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA, while considering the role of day care service in our country as necessary, highly appreciated the work and investment done by "Prkutyun" NGO and in 2008 included the organization in state assistance projects and on account of state budget funds of RA, reimburses the salaries of day care center employees.

    Center for day care and daily routine organization basically functions with the help of short-term grants, through the demonstration of good will of individuals and organizations, but the basic and most important problem is the payment of maintenance and utility costs of the center, especially during winter time (November - March).




    ''ՓՐԿՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ'' ՀԱՇՄԱՆԴԱՄ ԵՐԵԽԱՆԵՐԻ ԵՎ ԵՐԻՏԱՍԱՐԴՆԵՐԻ ԿԵՆՏՐՈՆ ՀԿ-ն ՀՀ Արդարադատության նախարարության 40/2-2 որոշմամբ գրանցվել է 17.10.1997թ-ին: Երեւանի Շենգավիթ համայնքի թաղապետարանի 18.12.1999. թիվ 30 որոշմամբ "ՓՐԿՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ" Հկ-ին իր ծրագրերը իրականացնելու համար թիվ 298 մանկապարտեզի ընդհանուր տարածքից անվարձահատույց հատկացվել է 700քմ. տարածք (Չեխովի 33-մուտքը Մանանդյան փողոցից):




    Ու՞ր է գնում մտավոր խնդիրներ ունեցող դեռահասը կամ պատանին հատուկ դպրոցն ավարտելուց հետո մեր հասարակության մեջ: Մեր իրականության մեջ մտավոր խնդիրներ ունեցող մարդիկ առհասարակ չունեն իրենց համար ստեղծված միջավայր, որը կնձեռներ նրանց հնարավորություն ազատ շփվելու հասարակության հետ:





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